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Tarot Divination

Spread your cards and read your future, evaluate an idea or someone, find solution to your issues, and much more!

Where to buy

You can buy nodewave “Tarot Divination” on Livescribe's Application Stores here:


Tarot Divination supports many card spreads to allow you the following divinations:
  • Today: One single card
  • Evaluate an Idea: 3 cards in line
  • Evaluate Someone: 5 cards in line
  • Pros and Cons: 5 cards in celtic cross
  • Your Issue: 10 cards in celtic cross and vertical line
  • Your Future: 12 cards representing the upcomming months

Tarot Divination guides you in drawing the card spread layout, and then you just have to tap on a card to see what it is. The application provides hints on how to interpret card reading.

Tarot Divination uses a complete card deck simulation engine, and shuffles are depending on time, your pen position and who you used your pen in the past.

Your card spreads are saved until you ask to get new cards using reset buttons, you can also have up to 4 accounts (yourself and 3 guests) using the application.

Tarot Divination helps your take the correct actions to drive your life in the best direction.

With Tarot Divination, your future is just at the tip of your pen.

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