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Smartpen Apps

Smartpen + Desktop

Music Player
Listen to your MP3's on your Smartpen!
Text Browser
Upload any text to your smartpen for browsing and reading!
All your passwords a the tip of your pen!

The above apps requires a Livescribe smartpen and a Microsoft Windows PC.

Smartpen only

SwissKnife All-in-One
The ultimate application for the smartpen!
Tarot Divination
Spread your cards and read your future
Gandhi Quotes
“My life is my message”
Einstein Quotes
“Make it simple as possible, but not any simpler”

The above apps requires a Livescribe smartpen.

Desktop only

Livescribe Desktop Configurator (freeware)
Configure hidden options of Livescribe Desktop. You may then change the data storage folder location.

The above apps requires a Livescribe Desktop installation on a Microsoft Windows PC.
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